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During this busy time of year, here are a few tips and ideas to prepare for Thanksgiving.

Potato peels and carrot peels are one of the biggest causes of a clogged sink. To avoid this, place all root vegetable peels in the garbage can NOT the Garbage disposal.

Grease is also not meant to be put down the kitchen sink, and can also cause a backup. Dispose of all grease or cooking oil in a container after it cools and dispose of it.

TEST YOUR OVEN!!! Make sure your oven is in working order BEFORE Thanksgiving or a baking event. Appliance repair may not be possible on a weekend or holiday.

Make sure you have a plunger handy for bathroom backups! A guest who accidentally clogs the toilet will thank you for being able to discretely unclog without announcing it to the group.

Candles are great for providing ambience, but can be a fire hazard. Try some battery-operated types to have the ambiance without the worry!

Have a kids table? Cover it in brown butcher paper, and have Thanksgiving stickers, crayons, colored pencils or washable markers for the kids to personalize. Or poster board can be made into placemats the kids can decorate.

A nice indoor activity for children and adults alike is ornament making. Set up a table with items to make ornaments. You can buy plaster ornaments and set up painting, seashells and set up glue, glitter and ocean accessories, or even clear glass ornaments which you can glue a snowman or Santa Claus at the bottom filling with glitter or “snow” making a snow globe.

If you live in an area with a nice climate take a Thanksgiving hike, give the kids a mini scavenger hunt with items found in the area, like feathers, a certain color of rock and a type of leaf for example.

Make dessert service simple! Set up a festive table with all of the pies, cakes, and desserts as well as the toppings, silverware and plates. When it is time for desserts guests can serve themselves buffet style.

From everyone here at Vista Point Properties, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We are Thankful you chose us to be your Realtors, and Property Managers.