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Getting your home ready for sale used to mean de-cluttering, de-personalizing, and being show ready in a moment’s notice. What exactly does that mean and how do you go about making your home show ready? Here are some simple tips to help make this process a lot less daunting.

1). Comfortable showing notices

Having a “one-hour courtesy call” when it will take you a much longer time to get the house in order, the pets crated and the family out can make it challenging. It is best to either give a range of time when you are out of the home consistently for work, or ensure you give yourself plenty of time to straighten, order, and get out of the home, whether it be 1 hour or 24 hours. Give yourself the time to properly prepare.


2). Look good, feel good, smell good:

Before you leave, make sure your blinds are open and/or lights are on. Take out the garbage, clean the litter box, and do a quick surface clean. Pine sol or Fabuloso down the kitchen or bathroom drains can freshen in a pinch. Keeping under bed bins handy to store toys, paperwork and other items can make it easy to clear the clutter for showing. Put on some music at a low volume to help create a feel good atmosphere. Always remember scent can be overdone. Resist the urge to buy numerous plug-ins and set them all on high.

3). De-cluttering, De-mystified:

What exactly do they mean when they say to De-clutter? If you happen to have an abundance of home décor items you are displaying, whether it be books, pictures, collector’s items, artwork, toys, etc. it can be distracting to a potential buyer. The best course of action when listing your home is to neatly pack away these extra treasures, giving potential buyers the opportunity to see the space, not the belongings. What it doesn’t mean is to completely strip the home of all personality.

4). Don’t forget the yard:

An area often overlooked when readying the home for viewings is the front and back yards. Make sure all weeds, pet waste and trash are disposed of. The patio and front porch swept, bushes and trees trimmed and weeds pulled. If you need to add some color and have time to water, purchase some inexpensive seasonal plants to brighten the area.

With a little preparation and a good solid showing plan, it will be positive aspects of your home that shines through, not the “stuff”.