Vista Point Properties

Owner FAQ

How much do you charge to find a tenant?
We charge half of one month’s rent to place tenants.  For example, if you are going to charge $1,000 per month, to market, process potential renters and finally place a tenant we will charge $500.

How much do you charge per month for management?
Our program is extremely simple: once a tenant has been placed, we charge a flat fee of $99 per month.

How fast can you find someone to rent my property?
This is a difficult question to answer only in the sense that it depends on current market conditions, how in-demand properties are in your area, your desired monthly rental price and other factors.  Once we have a signed property management agreement, your property will be listed on several key websites that will begin delivering results quickly.

Do you charge for months where the home is vacant?
No, we only charge a management fee when the home is currently being rented by a tenant.

Tennant FAQ

How do I pay rent?
We offer free online payment ACH options as well as traditional payment by mailing a check or dropping off payment to our office during normal business hours.

Who will take care of maintenance requests?
Vista Point Properties will coordinate all maintenance requests. Work orders can be submitted by emailing a member of our team or through your portal.

Do I need to provide advanced notice if I plan to vacate?
Yes, all our leases require a minimum of a 30-day written notice. Please refer to your lease agreement for more details.

Do you charge late fees?
Yes, late fees typically start on the 4th day of the calendar month if rent has not been paid.

Will I need to put a deposit down?
Yes, as a standard practice we require a security deposit that includes contingencies for any damages, cleaning or excessive wear and tear done to the property. Upon vacating the home if no damage, cleaning or excessive wear and tear occur on the property, then the deposit is returned to you within 14 business days.  If any of the above apply, funds will be used from the deposit to make necessary repairs.