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There is a common misconception that a landlord’s insurance policy covers the tenant’s personal property inside the home if a loss occurs, or if a tenant’s negligence causes a loss. This is typically not the case. Renters insurance is relatively inexpensive, and worth it if you ever have an issue at your rental home. Makes a big difference paying a deductible or paying for the replacement of all of your belongings and trying to find temporary lodging while you look for a new rental property.

  • Tenant Caused Fire:

One of the properties we managed had a grease fire caused by the tenant. It destroyed the home, causing significant damage to the tenant’s furniture, clothing, appliances, and other personal items. The home had to be partially re-built taking about 8 months. Had the tenants not had renter’s insurance, their belongings would not have been covered, nor would there have been temporary housing coverage while they were looking for a new place to rent.
importance of renters insurance

  • Break in and/or theft:

Should your rental get broken into, or any of your belongings stolen, this is not covered by the owner or owners insurance policy. You will be responsible for replacement and recovery cost of your belongings. This will fall to the tenant.

  • Loss of Use:

Should an accident occur making your home unusable (pipe bursting and flooding the home or a tree crashing through a wall for example) Loss of use coverage will cover temporary housing and in most instances a per Diem for food and expenses depending on the plan during the displacement period.

  • Liability:

The liability portion would cover events such as a dog getting loose and biting a neighbor, generally it covers bodily injury and/or property damage caused by negligence. It does not cover willful damage or intentional injury to another person.


For example, after a quick visit to a popular internet insurance website, an Arizona renter’s insurance on a 2500 square foot home with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms can be purchased for $211.00 a year or $22.59 a month with a $35.18 down payment. The personal property coverage limits are $15,000.00, loss of use coverage $3,000.00, personal liability limits of $100,000.00 and it includes coverage for sewer backup. You can adjust up and down the coverage’s based upon personal needs and values. A personal quote can be done online and insurance purchased in less than 5 minutes. There are many different options and ways to tailor a plan to fit your specific needs. A definite must have!