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Javelina love Spring Plants!! There have been many instances as a real estate agent that I have had a client call and say someone came in the middle of the night and stole their new plants. In reality what probably grabbed it was a Javelina. Welcome to spring in Tucson! These near-sided stinky creatures are Omnivores, but just cannot seem to resist some tasty fresh young plants and roots. After some trial and error, these are some of the plants that they have not consumed all of, in the case of the Aloe Vera they had taken a bite (or two) when I first planted them by my front door, but have not touched them since. They have never touched my Snapdragons!


Barrel Cactus




Globe Amaranth





Mexican Bird of Paradise




In our neighborhood we have quite the population, sometimes groups of 20+ will be running the washes, crossing through yards and sampling the wares. Other times a smaller group of 5-10, with babies in tow. They will come up to your front door and eat potted plants, if you have something of interest. So make sure and open your door with caution in the evenings and early mornings if you have a javelina population in your area.