Vista Point Properties


Make sure you change your air filter every 30 days. Most leases will require this. GOOD NEWS for VISTA POINT PROPERTIES tenants!! If you submit a maintenance request, we will do this for you at no charge to you or the owner!


It is very important you know where the main water shut off is located at your rental property. If a pipe bursts, knowing how to turn off the water is imperative to stop any further damage. In some of your newer homes this valve is located on the hose bib coming into your home.  It could be a lever or a knob (see below)



Your washer will have its own hot and cold water supply with turn off valve, as will your toilets and sinks. Should you ever have a leak in any of those places, you can turn these water supply lines off at the source so you will still have water in the rest of your home. It is always a good idea to turn off the supply lines to the washer and toilets when you are going to be away for an extended amount of time. We had a toilet supply line break at the fitting and flood the entire home when a tenant was away, the neighbor called and reported water coming out from under the garage door. The home sustained significant water damage taking a month to be livable again.


It never fails! 3:00am and those little buggers decide to go off! When you start hearing one “beep” be proactive and change all of the batteries. Have the batteries but no ladder? The Vista Point Properties staff would be glad to assist with installing new batteries at no charge to you or the owner.


A roof leak can be annoying, scary and seem like an emergency. The reality of the roof leak is it can’t be repaired until it dries out. The best course of action is to put a bucket or pot under the leak to catch as much water as possible. The only time a roof leak would be considered an emergency is if a piece of the roof itself blew off leaving the inside exposed to the elements. Put in a maintenance request and we will have it checked out as soon as we can.


It even freezes in Arizona once in a while. Make sure the exterior pipes are wrapped in the winter for this event. An old towel will do the trick, or pipe insulation can be purchased pretty inexpensively and it’s a snap to install.