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The most important steps besides the list below for you to retain your SECURITY DEPOSIT  is to turn in your move in/move out conditions checklist in the time period referred to in your lease agreement. The lease agreement Vista Point Properties uses gives you  5 days to return the move in/move out condition checklist, when received we will sign and return a copy for your records. If you fail to turn in this checklist, you are accepting the property “as-is” and will be held responsible for its condition, even if you believe a condition was pre-existing. Please, take the time, fill it out and make sure you are given a signed copy for your records.

The Following checklist Information is provided to help you get your security deposit returned without any misunderstandings:


  • CARPET CLEANING: Tenants are required to have the carpets PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED at the time of Move-Out. This must be completed after you have completely removed all your belongings and vacated the property. A Receipt from a Professional carpet cleaning company must be provided to us when you turn in your keys. Only professional cleaning is accepted.
  • PAINTING: PATCH, SPACKLE OR SPOT PAINT NAIL HOLES, and touch-up.  Charges for painting depend on length of time in the property and whether it exceeds normal wear & tear. (Paint found left in the home is only for possible color matching, due to age  it may not match exactly, so it is not recommended to be used for touch up painting home. BEST BET IS TO COLOR MATCH WALL DIRECTLY)
  • All non-carpeted floors should be washed, free of stains, scratches dust and debris.
  • All interior windows and sills must be clean. This includes the area between the windows and storms/screens. If during your occupancy, any windows were broken, or cracked, screens torn, ripped, or have holes, this must be repaired in accordance with your lease agreement.
  • All window treatments that were provided, or are being left must be clean, have no stains, blind veins not bent, and in good working order. If you removed any, you must put them back in place unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
  • All walls, ceilings, and closet interiors must be free of smudges, grease, and food stains.
  • All woodwork, moldings, trim, doors, vent covers, and baseboards must be free of dirt, dust, and stains, especially along the baseboards of the walls.
  • All light bulbs must be in working order, the proper type of bulb in the socket, and light fixtures/globes must be cleaned.
  • All smoke detectors must be in working order, and will be tested. (If it is beeping, you need to replace the battery. It takes a 9-volt square battery).
  • All ceiling fans, exhaust fans, vent covers should be in working order and free of dust and grease.
  • Kitchen cabinets, shelves, drawers, and counter tops must be free of crumbs and grease, washed inside and outside.
  • Refrigerators/Freezers must be washed/cleaned inside and outside. If on wheels, they must also be pulled out, and all dust and dirt is removed from the back, sides, floor, and walls surrounding the refrigerators/Freezers.
  • Stoves, ovens, cook tops, and microwaves must be cleaned inside and outside. In addition, do not use oven cleaner in self-cleaning ovens. Use the appropriate stove-top cleaner for Smooth Top Stoves).
  • Dishwashers and Trash Compactors must be cleaned inside and outside, especially the inside lip of the door.
  • All sinks, faucets, and garbage disposals must be washed out and wiped clean.
  • Kitchen walls and floors must be washed, and free of food stains, dust, dirt, and grease. Any floors that require oil soap or wax must be done accordingly.
  • All bathroom floors and walls must be cleaned. This includes the grout and caulking, if the caulk around the tub or shower is showing any signs of mold, and cannot be cleaned, you must have it re-caulked. (Windex will enhance the appearance of tile after being washed, and will remove soap residues).
  • All tubs, showers, sinks, and toilets must be cleaned, disinfected, and free of soap scum and cleanser residues. (Windex will remove any residues. Stubborn stains and bath mat residues can be cleaned using spray oven cleaner. Leave sit for a few hours and rinse).
  • All medicine chests, vanities, and drawers must be cleaned inside and outside.
  • Laundry rooms and utility rooms must be free of dust, dirt, cobwebs, and debris.
  • Air Filters must be changed or if washable, then cleaned. If you do not do this, your security deposit will be charged to service the HVAC unit. Air Vent Covers must be free of dust.
  • Wood burning fireplace must be cleaned and vacuumed out.
  • Washing machine must be wiped down and free of soap residues.
  • Dryer must be wiped down and free of lint. If we discover the lint trap filled you will be charged for a professional cleaning of the trap and hose.
  • All trash, yard debris, and unwanted personal items must be removed from the property.  In any case, no trash is allowed to be left in or on the property. The security deposit will be charged to remove any overflowing garbage or debris left at the residence.
  • Front and back yards including flower/plant beds must be cleaned and free of weeds, leaves, and yard debris. All grass must be free from pet dung, debris, and must be cut/trimmed and edged. All shrubs must be neatly trimmed.
  • All walkways, steps, decks and patios must be swept and free of weeds.
  • If your vehicle has leaked oil in the garage or driveway, the oil stain must be cleaned (Power washing or use Borax soap & water to clean it).
  • If you have a garage, please make sure it is swept clean, and if there were tools when you moved in, please make sure they remain with the property.
  • If you have a tool/garden shed please sweep it out. Clean up any chemical spills, and make sure all tools that were there upon move in remain when you move out.
  • Repair any and all Pet damage to house and yard including but not  limited to: Doors, Door casings, window coverings, floor coverings, baseboard trim, irrigation, holes, destroyed plants etc. The Security Deposit as well as any pet deposits will be charged to cover damages.


The best advice is to leave it clean, and in good repair. We WANT to return your security deposit!! It costs us time and money if the home isn’t turned over in good condition, loosing valuable market time for the owner.  IF YOU HAVE PETS have the carpet cleaners do your pet treatment. Some will black light the entire area to enable them to target any “accident” spots. If you do not get the smell out, you will be charged for a professional to do. If you ever have any questions about your property manager or landlords requirements, call them when you give or are given notice to vacate. That and your lease will spell out the expectations. It is a lot easier to accomplish a great turn-over if you know what is expected and have time to do it!!


If the paint doesn’t match, STOP and color match. The security deposit was charged to paint this wall.

Security Deposit refund?
If the paint doesn’t match, STOP and color match. A portion of the security deposit was charged to paint this wall.

Here is a link to the Arizona Landlord tenant act for more information: