Vista Point Properties

Whether this will be the first time you have rented your property or you are a seasoned investor with many rental properties maintaining your investment should be a high priority.

1). Check your HVAC! The heating and cooling systems are an expensive piece of your property, ensuring they are running at their best and most efficient is important. Have a licensed Heating and Cooling professional service your unit in the spring and fall. If you have not had it serviced regularly make sure you get it serviced prior to a tenant taking occupancy. Knowing the life expectancy and condition of your system will help you plan for a replacement when needed in the future.

2). Roof, roof, ROOF! No matter if you have a built up roof, tile roof, shingle roof or another alternative roofing system it should be checked every few years. Many roofing contractors will provide you with an inspection and opinion report free of charge. Addressing a slipped tile, sealing or re-coating before it becomes an issue will save you money and headaches in the long run.

3). Flooring fixes! Your home may have existing flooring in serviceable condition. If you need to replace the existing flooring, look for a neutral hard surface option. Flooring surfaces such as tile, vinyl plank, bamboo, concrete, etc. should wear better and have a longer life span than carpet. Spills and pet accidents will clean up quicker and easier, not leaving a stain or a soaked pad from your clean-up efforts. Also a hard surface flooring will not trap as many allergens as the traditional carpet and padding do.

4). Garage Door? Yes! The garage door is an often overlooked component of your home that is typically used on a daily basis. To ensure this system is functioning and in tip top shape it is recommended that you hire a professional to service the door, check the operator, springs, and other related mechanisms once a year.

5). Smoke detector batteries. Nothing is as annoying as the chirping of a low smoke detector battery, other than it going off at 3:00am. To avoid this scenario, REPLACE all smoke detectors that are 10 years old with new ones. Replace all batteries at the same time, once a year. Smoke Detectors can save lives. Make sure they are operating to their full potential.

6). Paint your house! If the home exterior or interior is starting to look spotty from years of touch up it’s probably time to paint. The exterior seems to be an area folks forget when doing painting maintenance on their home. Making sure the fascia, stucco or siding is painted will help keep the exterior protected from the elements, as well as provide great curb appeal. When choosing an interior paint, it is best to go with a satin type paint. Satin paint is easily washable with a damp cloth whereas flat paints are not. Washable flat paint? Even a paint marketed as a washable flat will show every scuff and mark, requiring more touch up and repainting between occupants.