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Often, I am asked as a Realtor, to assist people in finding a rental home in Tucson. This can be a bit challenging, as the rental properties often do not use Supra (Realtor) lock boxes, some don’t use any lock-box at all.  So, in order to take people to find a rental, appointments would have to be arranged and coordinated with each Realtor and/or property manager for showing. The referral fee offered ranges from approximately $25.00-$200.00 depending on the property.

In a sales transaction most, if not all properties have a lock-box, so I am able to access the property. Appointments are easily made per showing instructions, by calling either the resident or the realtor. An offer of cooperation and compensation is made, commissions ranging from approximately 2-3% of the purchase price.

When I first started managing properties I thought it would behoove me to help people find  a rental home in Tucson, being an under served market, and mostly just because heck, I wanted to help people find a place to live! My broker at the time told me that it would end up being a waste of my time and energy for little if no compensation. When you are working on a 100% commission, there is no compensation unless a commission or referral fee is earned. Being the young (at the time) and naive Associate Broker/Realtor I thought I would show him, this could be done! I can do it! Off I went on my merry way with a nice lady (let’s call her “Jan”) to find her a rental home. We went from Ventana Canyon to the Foothills, Sam Hughes to Tanque Verde Ranch area and spots in between. Found a perfect hilltop rental that the owner had been trying to sell and had decided to rent as it was just not Selling for the price they were asking. “Jan” LOVED this home. It was what she wanted, and she expressed interest in renting it, but wanted 24 hours to make sure she was making the right decision. I called “Jan” up the next day, low and behold she had gone straight to the owners, hammered out a deal and signed a lease.  At this point I had spent 4 days driving her to all the potential rentals, making appointments, Lunch, Coffee, etc. At the end of it all it all, I had to go back to my broker and tell him, he was right. I was out of pocket, out of luck, with nothing to show for it. That was when I decided if I am going to volunteer my time I will do so with The Care Fund, Habitat for Humanity or another charitable venture NOT showing rental properties that are not in my companies portfolio.

I still assist my friends and relatives with a rental search. If you are looking for a rental, and having problems finding one I can forward you to the best resources to search, no problem! Going on a rental tour of other companies’ rentals is not something we arrange. We would LOVE to show you all of our client’s rentals and anything we have in our portfolio anytime!

Hopefully this will give a bit of insight when you are searching for a rental home in Tucson. It can be frustrating not knowing why a Realtor will take you all over to see homes for sale by different agencies/companies, but not rental properties for rent by different agencies and/or companies.