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04 2019

Fall Cleaning, it’s a thing~

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In Tucson it sure doesn’t feel like Fall is upon us. If we are lucky we will have a cool down by Halloween. With the coming of September, Pumpkin makes its appearance EVERYWHERE and I kid you not I saw a CHRISTMAS TREE at Costco yesterday. NO JOKE. It’s all downhill from here folks, only 118 days left of 2019. There is no better way to prepare for the impending entertaining season than to do some Fall Cleaning. I didn’t realize this but Fall Cleaning IS A thing. Makes sense really. I have been doing it all along but never made the connection. Spring Cleaning gets all of the attention on this front. Realistically most of the entertaining is done around the Fall and Winter Holidays. Here is a nice little checklist to help with your Fall Cleaning.

  • Clean windows-including tracks.
  • Wash washable curtains.
  • Dust blinds/shutters.
  • Change the air filter and vacuum any dust off of the filter compartment.
  • Dust/clean all ceiling fans, blades and light kits.
  • Remove any Dirty Air Vents and clean in a solution of vinegar, Dawn dish soap and warm water.
  • Change out light summer bedding for heavier fall/winter bedding. If you haven’t already take your blankets and comforters to the cleaners.
  • Have carpets and upholstery cleaned, professionally or DIY.
  • This is a great time to also have your tile cleaned. I use a steam mop and it works wonders.
  • Dust Baseboards.
  • Dust door jambs and trim.
  • Wash doorknobs, light switches and wipe off outlets.
  • Take a Swiffer or microfiber mop to the walls, removes dust like a charm!
  • Wipe down all cabinets inside and out (kitchen and bath) if they are a wood cabinet, condition as well to preserve the finish.
  • Pack away summer serving pieces, dishes and glassware.
  • Clean dishwasher, remove nay food/debris in the filter, then run 1c of white vinegar through a short cycle.
  • Run self-clean or wipe down the inside of the oven.
  • Remove burners and drip pans clean UNDER stove top.
  • Pull out refrigerator, clean behind and vacuum coils.
  • Empty refrigerator contents, clean every shelf, bin, and drawer.
  • Dispose of any expired, spoiled or empty condiments or food items.
  • Repeat with freezer.
  • Take everything out of the pantry, wipe down shelves, replace shelving liner or repaint if necessary.
  • DONATE any non-perishable items that you do not intend to use before they are expired.
  • Any expired food items, discard.
  • Clean out your spice cabinet! Replenish with what you need before baking season begins. Spices DO expire. (ask Martha)
  • Clean out linen closets, donate sheets, blankets and towels that have worn out to the local animal shelter.
  • Remove tub/shower drain. Use a “Zip-It Bath and Sink Hair Snare” or like product to remove any hair from the drain. A long screwdriver will work in a pinch, just not as well. I won’t lie. This is gross and stinky. Have a grocery bag handy to pull the hair off of the tool.
  • Remove any caulking that is discolored or coming out, clean any remaining mildew/staining.
  • After tub/shower/sink joint is dry, add a fresh bead of caulking.
  • Clean under couches, tables, etc.
  • Use Affresh or white vinegar in the washing machines wash cycle.
  • Call a dryer vent cleaning company to remove any built up lint in the roof vent.
  • Have a roof inspection done, get the recommended repairs completed. I recommend annually. A problem is a heck of a lot cheaper to fix when it is small.
  • Have your HVAC serviced for Fall.

There are many OUTDOOR chores to do, as well!! Next list will include these items as we prepare for winterizing our landscape in preparation for cooler temperatures.