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Home Owner Tips

Renting your home can be a great source of additional income and may provide tax benefits and whether you are renting or wanting to sell your home, many of the same rules and tips apply to make a home market ready.


Make sure you use neutral colors that are easy to match.  In many cases you may want to simply use a standard white color, or light Earth-tone colors like beige.  We recommend that you select paint that has a satin or egg-shell finish. This will allow you to clean off scuff marks from the walls without damaging the paint in most cases.  Often times owners will opt to use low quality matte finish paint, which may sound like a low cost option, but if you need to repaint a room instead of simply wiping it down, the cost becomes much greater.


Make sure your roof does not require repairs as tenants and prospective buyers may not be aware of problems in the roof until it becomes a major cost or shows up in an inspection.  Ensure that in the event of flat roofs that you continually coat them to material specifications to prevent deterioration and leaking.


Durable flooring such as laminate or ceramic tile is a great way to make sure properties stay looking new.  Carpet can become worn very quickly, and if it gets ripped it may be costly to replace a room instead of one small damaged area. If you do elect to use carpet, use carpeting that is a standard color and style that offers stain guard protection.


If you plan on landscaping, typically select plants that require little to no maintenance to thrive.  In the desert climate there are plenty of varieties of plants such as hopseed bushes, bougainvillea, sage and many others.  Rock and brick patios can typically stay nice looking indefinitely.

If you ever want advice please don’t hesitate to call us and we will happily assist you in any way that we can!

Vista Point Properties is a full service property management company that takes pride in providing excellent customer service from the complete rental experience to selling your rental home to a new owner.  Our local experts are professional realtors, property managers, maintenance staff and billing specialists that are ready to give you and your tenants a great experience from start to finish.